Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Challenge #8 (Part 2 of 2)

Death Proof is a slasher film, where the slasher uses a car rather than the typical bladed cliché. It is very dialogue heavy. A big drawback is likely the limited violence, but when it comes, it is huge. It is chocked full of hot babes, and does have appropriate slasher tension.

I think Kurt Russell is awesome as the killer, Stuntman Mike. Of course, I have not seen a KR movie where I did not like him at the very least. Mike is got a great socio/psychopath, changing his personality to suit who he is talking to. He plays tough and cool with Rose McGowan, and pathetic and a little creepy with Sydney Poitier, then nearly vampiric with Vanessa Ferlito with a mesmerizing quality.

Of course, the real reason to watch it is for Zoe Bell, who is ridiculously awesome. Watching her on the hood of that car is worth everything you might not like about the movie, in my humble opinion.

Verdict: I like it.

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