Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Challenge #9

Elvira's Haunted Hills proves that there is a fine line between comedy and horror. While it is a funny movie, Elvira's Haunted Hills pays homage to the old style of horror before everyone was swinging machet├ęs and chainsaws around. It takes a pound of Vincent Price and Edgar Allan Poe. A dash of Hammer and Lovecraft. One clove of Universal, chopped fine. Mixes it well, and cooks on a funeral pyre for 90 minutes.

The best mix of comedy and horror is the excellent Richard O'Brien (Rocky Horror Picture Show) who plays the demented and corrupt Vladimir Hellsubus, patron of the Hellsubus family. He is tormented by the ghosts of his past as well as the family curse. O'Brien plays it with all the true horror stylings, and when he is meant to be funny it is still a bit scary. He is very much Boris Karloff in The Raven, delivering the funny with just enough menace to keep it from being screw-ball. The rest of the cast however keep things funny. Mary Scheer (Mad TV), Mary Jo Smith, and Scott Atkinson provide the funny, but with a nice sinister edge. Elvira is, well, Elvira, but that's what you want to see.

Verdict: If you have a chance, watch this one. It is a favorite of mine, and less cutesy than the first Elvira film.


dfordoom said...

I liked the first Elvira movie so I'll have to check this one out.

Jamdin said...

Yes, I highly recommend watching Elvira's Haunted Hills.

Anonymous said...

Great film, Richard O'Brien is the star of the film and uplifts the whole film simply with his personality, which is not hard for him to do!

Darius Whiteplume said...

My favorite line from the movie:

"You know, the village people say this castle is haunted."

"Meh. Who listens to The Village People anymore?"

Fred [The Wolf] said...

I love MISTRESS OF THE DARK more, but HAUNTED HILLS is definitely a good time. The musical number where she sings about losing her virginity cracks me up every time.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I think one of the best jokes was completely silent. When they first approach the castle, the doors have these huge round knockers on them, and nobody says a word. Sometimes avoiding an old joke is the best way to make it funny.

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