Friday, October 1, 2010

Nerd Girl of Note #82

You know, with all the popularity and back-fighting among fans over Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, it got me to thinking... Why was there none of that surrounding this week's Nerd Girl of Note, Gwen Stefani? Stefani was the singer for the semi-ska band No Doubt and was famous for her riot grrl personae and throwback looks. If I may be so bold, I'll add that she has one of the world's sexiest stomachs, but that is beside the point...

Frankly, I do not remember much controversy surrounding Stefani. It's not like she had no competition for fame as the Brittney Spears v. Christina Aguillera wars were raging then, as now with Perry v. Gaga, but Stefani was not the '90s Ke$ha. She was a certified superstar who still has a lot of clout.

Maybe she just kept her mouth shut? Maybe she just wanted to be a rock star? I don't remember any serious drama about her, save her breakup (pre-stardom) with No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal, then her marriage to and child with Gavin Rossdale. None of which was terribly negative. If you asked me to describe Gwen Stefani, my response would only be concerned with her voice, looks, and style. Oh, and the short-lived Gwen-abees. I wonder, do we have a Gwen Stefani today? I mean, she is still around and No Doubt is back together, but do we have a rising star who can rival the current queens without pure shock-value? Ke$ha is not it, despite her popularity.

All in all, I think the video for Don't Speak likely sums up the reason for her fame and lack of dramatic notoriety. The singer for any popular band becomes that band's face... Everyone knows Jim Morrison, but name the other members of the Doors (I know, a few of you can). This video mocks both the possibility of such happening to No Doubt, but also the reality of it happening. I think it shows that Stefani, as well as the other members of the band, are pretty well grounded, and well grounded people don't always seek headlines by making hypocritical statements or wearing meat.

One of my favorite Stefani collaborations was on Eve's Let Me Blow Ya Mind.

Hollaback Girl

The video that got the ball rolling for Stefani and No Doubt, Just a Girl.


Lisa said...

"Let me blow your mind" was fantastic!
I was so young the time it came out, but as soon as I hear the title I can sing the song in my head (I would sing it out loud if my voice was compatible).
I think No Doubt had a big impact on music, especially when it comes to making bands with a female leading popular.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Lisa - I bought Eve's album just for that song, though the album was pretty good overall. I think you are right about Stefani and No Doubt having helped female rockers. While she is sexy, she is not overly sexualized, at least no more than say David Lee Roth or Michael Hutchence.

Jay Amabile said...


Kal said...

I always loved her because she never gave into the crazy antics or body modifications of her contemporaries. Christine Aquilara clearly had the best voice of them all but got to be a diva and I hope her 'Burlesque' movie goes the way of 'Glitter'. Gwen just stayed classy.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Jay - she is totally cool.

@Kal - Xtina definitely had the best voice. I think a lot of her weirdness came from the troubles with her management and/or label. Plus, I don't think she deserved to be the slut of the battle, especially the way things eventually panned out.

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