Friday, October 15, 2010

Nerd Girl of Note #83

I am a bit torn about this week's NGoN, Ms. Monster (A.K. Smith). On the one hand she is a sexy, funny horror chick who hosts a monster movie show on basic cable and the web. On the other, I cannot find out when the show is available on her site. Therefore, I have a limited knowledge of her, save that I recently watched The Search for the Next Elvira, on which she was a contestant.

Ms. Monster's show is Hel on Ice, and can (I suppose) be found at, though I can only find bits of the show rather than an entire episode. It is a bit of a cross between Elvira's Movie Macabre and Mystery Science Theater 3000, as she does bits during the movie and has puppet sidekicks, most notably her "Monster Melons" Tit and Tat.

As for The Search for the Next Elvira, I think she did pretty well, but was eliminated prior to the finals. There are probably a few reasons for this. One, she was already Ms. Monster, which gave her an edge as she was doing a semi-Elvira shtick already, but was a detractor perhaps in that she was already her own franchise. Second, I think they had pretty much decided on April Wahlin from the start, as she was so good at mimicking Elvira. Ms. Monster perhaps let her own personae shine through. Lastly, and this is pure conjecture, perhaps Elvira had her on the show to get her some press? I would imagine the Big E would have been aware of Ms. Monster's show, seeing as horror hosting and cos-life are her business. The M.O.D. bump certainly couldn't hurt the blue zombie.

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