Friday, October 29, 2010

Pervert! (Jonathan Yudis, 2005)

The desert. Rapid editing. A sadistic killer. Testosterone fueled men. Large breasted man-eaters. Sounds like a Russ Meyer film, doesn't it? Well, it's not, but it is not a bad facsimile. Let's see how.

James (Sean Andrews) is returning to his father's home after some time at university in New Orleans. The father, Hezekiah (Darrell Sandeen), lives in the desert with his new girlfriend, Cheryl (Mary Carey) after his mother's mysterious death. The father has become somewhat of an... artist? He makes sculptures out of unidentifiable meat. Then, someone starts murdering the girlfriends.

Aside from some odd dream sequences featuring a witch doctor, and some small creature(?) scurrying around, the film has a definite Russ Meyer appeal. Sprinkled throughout are little montages with seemingly no contextual significance featuring "the montage girl" Lucia as well as Aurelie Sanchez running about portraying desert creatures and spirits. Both reminiscent of Uschi Digard as "Soul" in Meyer's Cherry, Harry, & Raquel.

This scene hearkens back to the dinner table scene in Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Another similarity is in the super-machismo attitude of the father who mistreats his women and degrades his son for not being manly enough. Darrell Sandell is clearly taking notes from Meyer regular Jack Morgan. The women are Meyer stereotypes as well. Carey is channeling Lorna Maitland, Eve Meyer, and Lori Williams, while "Alisha" (Sally Jean) is all Tura Satana mixed with Alaina Capri. Juliette Clarke's "Patty" has quite a mixture, which I cannot quite put my finger on, but her portrayal would have been right up Meyer's alley.

Now, being a Russ Meyer clone is not all wine and roses. There is some cartoon aspects to the film that seem out of place, and I don't mean "cartoony" I mean actual animation. Meyer's actors would go all Daffy Duck on you in a second, and his violent scenes were right out of Merry Melodies, same here with Pervert! The story also takes turns that Meyer would not have followed.

This is at its heart a horror movie in disguise, which can also be said of the bulk of Meyer's catalog. As the horror really builds Pervert! does start to look more like a slasher movie of a more typical stripe. In most respects, it is still a Meyer film; the men are misogynists, the women think men are scum, there is open disrespect for homosexuality, and there is gratuitous nudity. Uncle Russ would either love it or want to kill Yudis. If you are a Meyer fan, you should check this one out if only for the heavy homage.


The Angry Lurker said...

Will have to check this out.

Darius Whiteplume said...

It is streaming on Netflix. At an hour-twenty it is pretty enjoyable. The ending... meh, but that is typical.

Lubbert Das said...

Isn't that the same Mary Carey that Mariah Carey tired to sue recently due to the fact that she did not want her name associated or confused with a porn star.

Why in God's name do I know this...

Darius Whiteplume said...

I'm not sure if that happened, but it is the Mary Carey who ran for Governor of California against [smirk] The Terminator.

K and S said...

Thanks for the review, Darius. I'd seen a few images floating around on the internet but didn't know much about it. Now I gotta' check it out!

Darius Whiteplume said...

It is definitely worth watching, especially if you have Netflix to stream it. I kept passing it up thinking it was a documentary, then thought, "I need to see some boobies." :-)

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