Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Count Dracula's Great Love (Javier Aguirre, 1972)

Via Elvira's Movie Macabre, we have a Paul Naschy film that The Vicar of VHS calls, "one of his lesser flicks." That is surely why Elvira picked it. Being a Naschy-novice, I went straight to Hulu, and this one the one film they had. It is a VTM*, so here goes.

*Vampire Titty Movie

Four hot chicks from Munich meet up with a male traveler of some sort as they travel through Count Dracula's domain. Luckily, their male companion know all about Dracula and the region. When they get to the sanatorium near the castle (really?) their coach breaks a wheel, the driver is killed by a spooked horse, and they have to seek refuge in the sanatorium. Fortunately, the new owner is there. He is a rich Austrian physician. Or is he?

Well, it looks like the gang will have to spend the week at the sanatorium, but oddly enough the doctor never seems to be around. I'm sure he's a busy man. Meanwhile, the München Mädchen (or Munich girls, if you prefer) decide to have a look around. You know, just in case there is something interesting in the old dump.

Searching the sanatorium should be safe, right?

Most interesting of the four women is Senta (Rosanna Yanni, from Jess Franco's Kiss Me, Monster, and Two Undercover Angels). Senta spurs the girls on to investigating the old place, and has the hots for the doctor. The doctor, who of course is really Dracula, tries using her to bring his daughter back to life. He needs someone to fall in love with him, but unfortunately she also has to be a virgin. Her friends have been discussing Senta's sexual exploits for the whole film... So the Count moves on.

Eventually, it's like the whole place has gone vampire. It is a strange vampire movie, but I think has an at least original story. Naschy wrote the base material and the screenplay. It may not be great, but it is interesting. One of the best features, at least when it came out, was how they shot it in the dark. Vampire movies from this period are always so over-lit. This one is dark with eerie blue light. The problem is, at least with the print Elvira had, was how poor the film has held up. It is occasionally too dark for the decayed quality. There is some great cinematography to be had here. I say it is well worth watching.

Hulu / IMDb


The Angry Lurker said...


Darius Whiteplume said...

It was pretty interesting, not to mention scantily clad. :-)

The Vicar of VHS said...

Just now getting back to all the great Naschy posts--sorry for the delay in response! CDGL is not Naschy's best role, imo, though I hear it was a personal favorite of his, as it happens. (Maybe the nostalgia of working with all these gorgeous babes at once?) Like his idol Lon Chaney Jr., I think the vampire lord was a bit of a stretch for him, but that doesn't mean it's not a good time. My favorite part was how the vampire gets staked by the only character in the movie MANLY enough to take him down! :)

Thanks again for all your great posts in the blogathon--wonderful stuff.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I think the Count needs to be lean and hungry looking. Naschy looks like a wrestler in the Drac get up.

Glad you invited me. I am looking forward to next year :-)

Jack J said...

Cool review. I watched the film about 10 years ago on a VHS from Holland and I've just finished watching it again. This time via Code Red's DVD (retitled "Cemetery Girls"). This print is quite a bit better than the VHS screen grabs you've posted here; It's not dark at all and it's letterboxed. So that's the good part. On the other hand you have to be a fan of old grindhouse style prints cos that's what this is. It's somewhat scratched and the sound crackles. But, hey, personally I have no problem with that. I probably had the same feelings about the film 10 yrs ago as you guys but this time 'round I fully enjoyed it. It's not scary or thrilling but the settings are awesome, the colours are multo bene!, the blood is flowing, and the women are wonderful!

Darius Whiteplume said...

Thanks Jack, I may have to check that print out. I was just getting into the Naschy-awesomeness when I watched this one and enjoyed it a lot. I do prefer him in other roles (Human Beasts might be my fav).

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