Monday, November 15, 2010

Fan-Boy Icon #28

Okey. This has gone on long enough. I have done twenty-seven Fan-Boy Icons and have yet to do a bit on William Shatner. Sure, I could wait for a big number, like fifty, but why wait.

Obviously, you have to talk about Star Trek. I don't know that the show would have the staying power it did without Shatner. Sure, Leonard Nimoy's "Mr. Spock" was important and has plenty of draw, Captain James T. Kirk is in many ways the masculine ideal. He is tough, loves the ladies, bucks authority, and lays it on the line when it has to be done. Just as we argue over who is the best James Bond, we argue over who is the best Star Trek captain, and while I like them all, you cannot beat the original. Yes, Captain Pike was the original, but the Leif Ericon came to North America before Christopher Columbus. Where's his holiday? The importance of the discovery came under Columbus, and the importance of Star Trek came under Kirk.

Now, of course The Shat did other stuff. T.J. Hooker, and he was in two episodes of The Twilight Zone, but earlier he was in Judgment at Nuremberg and an inauspicious start as Ranger Bob on the Howdy Doody show, plus Marc Anthony in a television production of Julius Caesar... in fact, he did a ton of work prior to the call from Gene Rodenberry, and still is working today. Kirk, however, is the main thing we remember, as we should. He was such a standard hero played in such an odd way. Shatner's strange vocal cadence, the Shat-Fu fighting style. His odd bit on Saturday Night Live where he berated Trekkies caught him a lot of flack, but in a way it needed to be said, and was done in good fun.

Anyway, I doubt I could tell any Shatner fans anything that they don't know, and might be wrong about a lot of it, so I'll end here and add, "watch some old Star Trek once in a while. It's good for you."


Myra said...

Shatner is totally hot. He could beam me up anytime!

Darius Whiteplume said...

Rowr! :-D

Kal said...

Kirk made the hard decisions and even when both Spock and Bones disagreed with it, he still made it. He didn't run things by comittee.

I often thought that Shatner should have died after Star Trek to preserve his greatness becauses for a few years it was rough to see him in any other role.

Then something miraculous happened. He became an icon because he UNDERSTOOD that being IN on the joke instead of fighting against it was his road to immortality.

He was DENNY CRANE - Dammit

He saved us money at PRICELINE.COM

He asked questions to celebrities that everyone was too PC to ask.

He sang in public (again) without shame.

How can we not love him. I would like him to become our Governor General. It's mainly a ceremonial post at the top of Canada's government and he would be awesome at it.

Canada's chosen son.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I grudgingly forgive him for Priceline... I hate those guys. Love his commercials though.

"Raw Nerve" was brutal. I remember seeing him press Valerie Bertinelli on her weight gain being a coping mechanism, and she really did not want to get into it. Plus, he made Weird Al cry. Take that, Barbara Walters! Oddest was Fran Drescher talking about being raped. It was surreal.

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