Friday, November 26, 2010

Nerd Girl of Note #89

I only knew about Marilyn Joi from one thing; the Cleopatra Schwartz faux trailer in Kentucky Fried Movie. Turns out she did a lot more films. She was in Hammer with Fred Williamson. Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks with Dyanne Thorne as one of Ilsa's sidekicks, "Velvet." Black Samurai with Jim Kelly. As well as Nurse Sherri, Blazing Stewardesses, The Candy Tangerine Man, and Detroit 9000. She also had an uncredited appearance in Coffy with Pam Grier. You can see the rest of her credits at the IMDb. She also made many appearances in the men's magazine Players (some covers at Temple of Schlock).

I remember listening to the commentary on Kentucky Fried Movie, and they were joking that Joi demanded that it state in her contract that if the producers ever made Cleopatra Schwartz that she would reprise the role. They all were joking about her insistence, but it was likely a smart move. Who knows, people might have raved about the trailer so much that they might have made it? She does a great Pam Grier impersonation in it too. Her fighting, while maybe not up to great standards, was more than passable for 1977, and that was much of Pam Grier's claim to fame. Frankly, with all the satiric Blaxploitation and films like The Hebrew Hammer these days, I am surprised no one has made it. Here is the clip from KFM.

From Kentucky Fried Movie

From Black Samurai

From Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks with NGoN alums Dyanne Thorne and Haji

See Black Samurai @ TV4U (poor quality, but free with no commercial breaks)

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