Friday, November 5, 2010

Nerd Girls of Note #86

Some movies say that are one thing, and turn out to be another. Those that lure you in with the promise of gratuitous nudity are typically the worst offenders. Maybe you watched The Swinging Cheerleaders, or some other sexploitation flick and felt there was now a part of your happiness missing.

When I was a post-pubescent kid I had heard of this film. It was all naked chicks all the time according to friends with Cinemax. When I grew up and started looking for the sleazier films I was almost always disappointed. Then, with the magic of the internet, particularly Amazon, I remembered and came into possession of this bit of my ill-spent youth. Certainly H.O.T.S. would disappoint, like so many others, right? Friends, I have never been so wrong in my life.

Believe it or not, there is a story here. Not an overly original one, mind. It is very similar to Animal House (John Landis, 1978), but is more consistent. When the girls try getting into a sorority they are shunned by the sisters and decide to form their own sorority with a purpose; to take all the men on campus. They start to recruit all the women who are kept out of sororities and teach them to be man-eaters. The side story involves the sorority house, which has treasure hidden in it. They also make an enemy of Danny Bonaduche (can you blame them?) and set out to get him.

January, 1977 Playboy Playmate Susan Kiger plays "Honey Shayne" - the informal leader of the group. Kiger apparently holds the distinction of being the first Playboy Playmate to have appeared in a porn film prior to her Playmate status, appearing in Deadly Love (1976). Aside from H.O.T.S. she appears in the spacesploitation classic Galaxina and The Happy Hooker Goes to New York.

Lisa London plays "O'Hara" - the most jock-like, and certainly bustiest of the four. I don't know much about Lisa, save that she did some Andy Sidaris films, some television, Rodney Dangerfield mafia comedy flick The Godson, and has two films in post-production.

April, 1978 Playboy Playmate Pamela Jean Bryant plays "Terri Lynn" - She was discovered by Playboy while at Indiana University in 1977 for their "Girls of the Big 10" feature. She went on to appear in other films and television, including Don't Answer the Phone, Private Lessons, "Fantasy Island," "The Love Boat," and "Magnum PI."

Finally we have Kimberly Cameron who plays "Sam" - I know least about. I think she was a porn star, but not really sure. There are a whole lot of "Kimberly Cameron" people out there.

See it on Hulu here, or Netflix here.


Tommy Salami said...

I still haven't seen this one, but next time the fiance is out for girl's night I'm watching it. Buy stock in Kleenex now.

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Playboy Playmates said...

I just love the Playboy Playmates. Well, I love all the nude women in this site, but especially the Playboy Playmates. Maybe it’s because they obviously stand out from all the other women, or they wouldn’t be Playboy Playmates.

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