Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Star Slammer (Fred Olen Ray, 1987)

AKA Prison Ship, this is the story of Taura, a space miner in barbarian clothes. Directed by Fred Olen Ray (Bad Girls from Mars), it is perhaps The A-Team of WIP films. It is very tongue-in-cheek, and like Reform School Girls it is both a send-up of the genre and very true to it.

For a WIP flick, this has surprisingly little nudity. No shower scenes or strip searches. Taura (Sandy Brooke, Nightmare Sisters) undresses twice. Otherwise, we have the mean HBIC, the sadistic head trustee, the more sadistic warden, some beatings and humiliations. Fairly standard stuff.

The interesting thing about this one is that, well, it is fairly interesting. The warden and trustee are the most fun. Warden Exene (Marya Grant, Cannibal Hookers) is hilarious in her ruthlessness, and the head trustee, "Muffin" (Dawn Wildsmith, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Surf Nazis Must Die), is as over-the-top as Pat Ast in Reform School Girls. The movie has this strange satirical feel that really has nothing to do with WIP. Early on everyone is obsessed with some bizarre television show, and when the big arena fight pitting Taura and the HBIC, Mike (Susan Stokey, The Phantom Empire), against a space monster, Muffin's introduction is a bizarre game-show announcer's delivery. Brooke puts all the Sybil Danning she can into her portrayal of Taura. It is also a bit strange how quickly the new girl comes into the fold in an attempt to rid them of their evil overlords, but they handle it well.

As for the movie, if you have seen a Deathstalker film or Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity, that is what this one looks like. Lots of Star Wars rip-offs. A big space dogfight at the end. Crappy rubber monsters here-and-there. This one is not for everyone, but as B movies go it is very well done from a script and directing perspective.

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