Friday, December 3, 2010

Nerd Girl of Note #90

Julia Saly, born Julia Salinerno, appears in, I believe, fourteen Paul Naschy films, including Night of the Werewolf, Death of a Hoodlum (Muerte de un Quinqui), Inquisition, Operation Mantis, and Panic Beats (Latidos de Pánico). Ms Saly reminds me of why I do the Nerd Girl of Note feature. While there is no dearth of information about Naschy on the web, there are very few bits about Saly, who was in more of his films, according to my research, than any other actress.

Julia Saly appeared in seventeen films, and produced seven films, according to her IMDb entry. We don't have a birth or death date for her there, and there is no Wikipedia entry for her. Obviously Naschy had some reason for using her in his films, but what was it? Were they married, lovers, or just colleagues who worked well together?

While we might not like to admit it, in exploitation and horror films, sex sells. There are plenty of instances where male directors have their famous females; Russ Meyer had Haji and Uschi Digard, Jess Franco had Soledad Miranda and Lina Romay, Jack Hill had Pam Grier, Jim Wynorski had Julie Strain. These actresses, while not always great in their art, were what drew fans in to films and gave inspiration to their auteur counterparts.


The Vicar of VHS said...

It is strange that there's so little information on Julia Saly--even the Spanish Wikipedia comes up empty! And as I recall, Naschy doesn't say that much about her in his memoirs, other than the feact that she was in the movies and was good to work with.

She was definitely a presence, though--her portrayal of Bathory in NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF is legend.

Thanks again for all your great contributions to the blogathon!

The Vicar of VHS said...

feact s/b "fact," of course. :P I'll be sleeping in tomorrow!

Darius Whiteplume said...

I am a constant stream of typos, so I read them quite well ;-)

I need to check her out as Bathory, and definitely want to see Panic Beats now.

I am glad the 'thon has been such a success.

The Vicar of VHS said...

Just found out she was also in d'Ossorio's 4th Blind Dead movie, NIGHT OF THE SEAGULLS. That one's been on the "to-watch" list for a long time...I think I need to bump it up!

Anonymous said...

I do so wish someone could find her and get an interview. She was absolutely stunning.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Vic - I'll have to see if there is anything on her is my trashy film books like "Immoral Tales" - I also love The Blind Dead films, so should look out for it and the Franco entry (maybe the same one?).

@David - I concur. She is pretty awesome, and even though she had very little time in "Human Beasts" she ate up the screen.

will said...


I'm not sure if you guys have read the short tread about Julia Saly over at Latarnia:

Not much info but it has a nice pic of an album cover featuring her.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Thanks Will. That is some great info.

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