Friday, December 24, 2010

Nerd Girl of Note #93

Making an impact with only two major roles to your credit is not an easy feat, though many well known actors and actresses have done it. One of my favorites is Alaina Capri. Capri starred in Russ Meyer's Good Morning... and Goodbye! and was a main character in Common-Law Cabin. Aside from that she walked across the screen in the post-Dean Martin, too old to play teenagers Jerry Lewis film The Delicate Delinquent.

While Capri has the obvious qualities that appealed to Russ Meyer, she had the less obvious qualities as well. Meyer's films are melodramatic cartoons, but she has some serious acting skills. She doesn't just deliver lines and wiggle her tits. In the two Meyer films she is a hard-boiled man-eater. She plays mean with the best of them, and I dare say has some of filmdom's most wicked eyebrows. She could give Leonard Nimoy and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson a run for their money.

Unfortunately, the man who introduced Alaina Capri to the world is also the one that made her leave us. She was not afraid to be sexy, having been Miss Muscle Beach at sixteen, and sporting a bikini in much of her time with Meyer, but she was not interested in appearing nude. Meyer, however, used some footage in Good Morning... and Goodbye! that was less allusion and more graphic than she had agreed to [clip], which drove her from Hollywood and into a teaching job. She was always afraid that her identity would come out. Meyer never let on, and despite some hurt feelings she attended his funeral.

Here is a great little clip of Capri in Good Morning and Goodbye! where she displays some good range for the type movie. Remember, this ain't Citizen Kane.

And just for kicks, walking by Frank Gorshin (The Riddler) and a friend in The Delicate Delinquent.

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