Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Werewolf vs the Vampire Woman (León Klimovsky, 1971)

One of Naschy's many appearances as Waldemar Daninsky. Here we have two college students, Elvira (Gaby Fuchs, Mark of the Devil) and Genevieve (Barbara Capell), doing research for their thesis by trying to find a Medieval witch's tomb, namely Countess Wandesa Dárvula de Nadasdy (Patty Shepard, Lucky, el intrépido). They come upon Daninsky, who is oddly enough looking for it as well. It seems that with what did away with the Countess they can also release him from his lycanthropic curse. Once the duo release the Countess, Daninsky must do his best to save the pair, partly because he needs one of them to end his torment. Oh, and there is the crazy Daninsky sister, Elizabeth (Yelena Samarina, House of 1,000 Dolls), to contend with.

I enjoyed this one. It is stylistically very much like a Hammer film, but also bears the marks of Spanish horror favorite Tombs of the Blind Dead with its judicious use of slow motion to create tension and dream-like qualities.

The version I had was dubbed, so you have to rely on the actors' presence to determine what you really think of their performance. Also, the transfer was quite bad. It was from a Madacy Entertainment "Killer Creature Double-Feature" disc, which had some nice ideas, but many execution problems.

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