Saturday, January 1, 2011

Giftmas Rundown: Star Trek Season One, Bluray

So, the folks got me season one of Star Trek on Bluray. This is my first time seeing the enhanced version of the show. I have to say, at first it was pleasant. Most of the enhancements deal with making planets look real, and modernizing the look of the Enterprise sweep-by shots. After a while, some of it got a bit heavy and obvious, but not terrible. For the most part it is what they call it; enhancements. They are not over-the-top typically, and I don't believe there is any new footage; just some touch ups. The prints look great; likely what they looked like in '67. They do have the un-enhanced episodes as well, and apparently if your Bluray player has an angle button on the remote (mine does not) you can switch between the original and enhanced version while watching.

I do wish they had included "The Cage" in the set. That is the original pilot with Captain Christopher Pike, and I have never seen it. The second pilot, "Where No Man Has Gone Before" is included, but in original airings it was the third broadcast. This one is interesting because there is so much wrong with it. Sulu and Scotty in Science Blue, Spock in Gold, no McCoy or Uhura. It is a neat show though, and features and young, ridiculously hot Sally Kellerman as one of the ship's doctors.


writenow said...

You've never seen the Pike episode? How did you avoid it? It seems to me whenever Star Trek is on, that's the episode. It is enjoyable, though. Hokey but good.

I'll bet you don't like Voyager. No one seems to, and I swear it's the best of the lot. Not the first few shows, but after the first season. Then it takes off. There are some great new concepts, I think. Enjoy your present!

Darius Whiteplume said...

I have seen The Menagerie, but somehow have never seen The Cage. As for Voyager, it was actually the first Star Trek I really liked. I did not watch TOS growing up, and did not really like TNG. The wife was raised on Star Trek, and we watched Voyager a lot. TOS, VOY and ENT are oddly my favorites. :-)

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