Friday, January 14, 2011

Nerd Girl of Note #96

Ellen Muth was the star of the Showtime comedy, Dead Like Me. The show is quite similar to Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies, though it came before them both. They are not 100% similar, but flavored the same. The basic premise is that when you die you might find yourself doing soul collection duty as an auxiliary reaper. Muth's character "George" is one such person, having died after being struck by the toilet seat from a falling Russian space station.

The show is a lot of fun, and ran only two seasons. Notable costars are Mandy Patinkin and Jasmine Guy, though there are other recognizable character actors present. Oddly, it does not get overly religious. The reapers don't know what ultimately befalls the dead. They "live" with physical forms, and have to eat and need shelter, as well as a paycheck. Fortunately, for me at least, there is no real story arc. Sure, things happen that come up in later episodes, and there is character progression, but it is not really a "previously on Lost" type thing. There is no bad guy to catch, nor a seemingly attainable goal. It is far more situational. Give it a try sometime. It streams on Netflix, here.


Anonymous said...

An excellent and enjoyable series. It also has a movie which tries to tie up some of the loose ends left at the end of season 2, not as good as the series but still worth watching.

Darius Whiteplume said...

We are just about through series 1, and I saw the movie is on Netflix as well. I like it a lot.

Jamie said...

I agree I bought the DVD and hand the second season of it to my friends. they usually end up buying the first. like you said "no Story arc" Fantastic show with enjoyable charecters.

TS Hendrik said...

I miss Dead Like Me. Actually I miss all the Bryan Fuller shows you mentioned.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Jamie - I love a show you can just drop in on. Occasionally there are things like, ""why isn't she working at Happy Time anymore," but nothing major that you have to have seen. I really thought it was awful when "Lost" started replaying the previous episodes with a narrator explaining it. If it is that opaque, maybe you need some rewrites?

@TS - "Wonderfalls" is still likely my favorite show ever, but frankly I am glad it only went one season (well, part of one). They wrapped everything up nicely at the end, and I think more would have been silly. It would have likely turned into self parody really fast. I loved "Pushing Daisies" but somehow got out of the habit. I think I have both seasons on DVD. My folks flood me with DVDs for Giftmas, and I sometimes forget what they buy. I know, it's a hard life ;-D

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