Friday, January 28, 2011

Nerd Girl of Note #98

Quick note, as we may have some new readers today. The Nerd Girl of Note feature is meant to highlight either women nerds love, women who are admittedly nerds, or preferably both. Of course, often it is someone I want to bring to your attention. See the list of previous entrants here.

Alright, I know I already talked about the Lingerie Football League, but being someone who likes balance, I want to take a different slant. [original post]

Carie Small is an Tampa Breeze linebacker and center, currently on the injured list. She is active on Facebook and Twitter, and blogs at Rock the LAN. Here's a little quote from an interview:
“I enjoy blogging and interacting with our fans. This year, in addition to my random blogs that my Facebook friends will vouch are usually about Star Wars or micro brews, I’m going to have a ‘Spotlight on My Teammate’ to introduce my teammates to our fan base. I think it’s valuable for people to learn a little more about who we are and what makes us tick on and off the field.”
Carie also participates in the "Rehabbing with the Troops" program that sets wounded soldiers up with professional athletes, playing online games, live gaming competition, and video chats. As the technology of our body armor improves we have fewer military deaths, but far more loss of limbs and/or mobility. I live near and work on Fort Bragg, home of the 18th Airborne Corps, and see a lot of this. It is far too common that I see artificial limbs (particularly legs) in my neck of the woods.

Back to the LFL. Now, while I mentioned previously that I felt the LFL uniforms were off-putting to women who might otherwise be fans, I think there is another side to it. I am not retracting, just positing a different opinion. I was talking to Carie on Twitter, and she mentioned how a lot of fans' wives get interested in the LFL after watching it. Also we both mentioned how beach volleyball players wear bikinis and it is not considered exploitative. There is a double standard at play, one that I admit to falling prey to.

The LFL is very sexy in its advertising, but when you watch the games the outfits become less of the focus. Sure, MTV2 gets in a lot of butt shots, but the game play is shot from a fairly wide angle which cuts down on the gratuitous jiggle factor that is the perception. Some of the players, according to Carie, are models, but are athletes as well. It is a seriously played game, and not for creampuffs. Here is a shot of Carie's ankle after an injury. She has had one ankle replaced and has two plates and twelve screws in her leg.

And, because I know my readers, here is Carie as Princess Leia.

So, check Carie out on the web. She is a heck of a nice lady, and I appreciate the back-and-forth we had on this topic. And take a look at the LFL sometime. Remember, prejudice is still prejudice no matter who the target is.
Also, note that this Saturday will be the first live broadcast games. Check your MTV2 listings for times.


Derek said...

Nice work. I have been fortunate to know Carie for a few years and she is truly an amazing story. Her teammates are as well and if folks could get past the sex first advertising they would see women who play a very physically demanding game with a passion that you just don't see anymore.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Thanks Derek. I think the first game I saw was not so good, perhaps. Just saw the game broadcast last Friday (Passion @ Breeze) and it was pretty ugly. They were hitting like the NFL in the '60s. The sexy angle is a double-edged sword. I wonder how things would go if the game unis were more like what they practice in?

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