Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Orinoco: Prigioniere del Sesso (Edoardo Mulargia, 1980)

AKA Escape from Hell, Blood for Liberty, Hotel Paradise, among others. We'll be calling it Escape from Hell, as that is what my DVD is called.

This is another Ajita Wilson, Italiano WIP film. As I started watching it, I thought, "hey... isn't this just Savage Island without the Linda Blair bits?" Almost. The IMDb entry lists many of the actresses as being in Escape from Hell and as "archive footage" from Savage Island, or listed as different characters. There is so much of the same footage it was hard to tell what was missing, then it hit me.

This is a seriously rapey movie. I always thought Savage Island had the Linda Blair cut-ins to sell the movie by having a nameable star. I think, however, she was used to pad out the rapier bits, and change the story. It is actually a different story. Sort of.

In Savage Island we follow the new prisoners on the river boat taking them to the prison. There is none of this in Escape from Hell. Instead, we see the arrival of the new warden who is a mysophobic. He finds the prison too filthy, and the doctor being an alcoholic is too much for him. He seems to take his frustrations out on the prisoners... though it often just seems to be the standard need for torture in these films. The guards take a different view on punishment; a little fear, then a little rape.

Frankly, this one has not got much going for it. Savage Island was slightly better, and it seems there are many versions of Escape from Hell out there (not uncommon for Eurosleaze). The character names on the IMDb do not match what characters are called in the version I have, so unless you know who someone is, like Ajita Wilson, it takes some research. Not that research would yield anything useful.

This time, the HBIC carries no weight with the guards.

Rapey mustache, Butch, and rapey bald mustache.

The HBIC lets the new girls know what's up.

Ajita Wilson, threatened by a guard.

Ajita Wilson punished on trumped up charges.

The HBIC showing off her new girl.

Ajita punished, again.

"I'm throwing your mail away!"

Um... What?

"Here's some tobacco and whiskey. We'll bust you for it later."

We have to escape! Escape from HELL!

"What are you broads up to?"

"Yes, I was a drunk, but now I'm a big game hunter. Deal!"

Hmm. Must be the River Styx?

IMDb Entry

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