Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bloody Moon (Jesus Franco, 1981)

This is possibly the weirdest Franco film I have ever seen. Not that it is all that weird, it is a pretty standard Eurosleaze slasher film, but it is weird in that if I had not seen Franco in it I would swear it was a Lucio Fulci film. I am no expert, but I believe you don't have to see many Franco films to know one when you see one, and the same is true of Fulci.

Bloody Moon is full of Fulci staples. There is the trippy electronic incidental music, and a cheesy soft rock song that is repeated every time music is required. The sets and wardrobe, the actors, the camera work all scream Fulci to me. As does the lack of typical Franco elements. There is no manic "zoom for tension" that Uncle Jess loves so. There are also too many characters for a Franco film, though this is a giallo, so you need lots of nubile women to murder and many suspicious persons of interest.

The DVD is from Severin, and is apparently the first time it has been available in the US. The restoration of the print is well done, and the interview with Franco in the special features goes far to explain just why it is such an un-Franco Franco film. The Fulci comparison is perhaps to Franco's credit. I don't think Jess is in the business of aping other directors, but he was incredibly unhappy with the production and finished product of Bloody Moon. If he can make a film he thinks is crap and it reminds me of another well respected director's work, then the man is a better director than even his fans give him credit for. Well worth checking out if you are a slasher/giallo fan.

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