Monday, February 7, 2011

Lingerie Bowl VIII, and Thoughts on the League

Alright, one last post for a while on the LFL. First, a bit on the Lingerie Bowl VIII (from last night) then some final (for now) thoughts on the league.

Lingerie Bowl VIII pitted two undefeated teams against each other; the Los Angeles Temptation and the Philadelphia Passion. Philly was my pick to win, led by running back/linebacker Marirose Roach. The Passion played a hard playoff win against the Tampa Breeze. The Temptation, I thought, had a harder time with a handicapped Chicago Bliss for their championship (the Bliss' first and second string quarterbacks were both injured, and were replaced by the awesome Deborah Poles, who had never played QB before). The Temptation's big threat was Zipphora Chase.

The game turned out much different than I suspected. Zipphora Chase was less of a threat than expected, and was rather outshone by team as a whole. Ashley Salerno (QB) was injured early on but continued playing, Melissa Marguiles made some huge plays. My new favorite player, Ogom Chijindu was a defensive powerhouse, scoring I believe the only defensing touchdown of the game. As for The Passion, we had the reverse. It seemed Marirose Roach was making most of the big plays on offense and defense. She is an incredibly smart runningback, and and awesome linebacker. Unfortunately, she seemed to be carrying her team. Remember, I am not a sports guy, so I can't quantify any of this.

Final score: LA 26 / PHI 25

Ogom Chijindu scores after an interception.

Now, a bit on the league.

You ever hear it said that if you have to explain a joke it is not funny? This is often the feeling I get from the Lingerie Football League regarding the uniforms. Players and the commentators are constantly justifying the league as being more than T&A football, and it is. The problem is, they have to justify this not because these are women playing football, but rather women with garter belts playing football. The bikini aspect is not so bad, it is the addition of lace and garter straps. As I have said before, these are not the most scantily clad women in sports, but it is the only sport that specifically plays on the raciness of the uniforms. I can completely understand the justification from the players' point of view. They want to play football, and the LFL is the best way for them to do that. I do think, however, that the beer guzzling frat boy audience will eventually reach maximum saturation, and to increase the sport's appeal they will have to broaden their net. The best way to do this is to change the uniform. Why not, instead of the bikini style, go for a one piece with a bit more butt coverage, or let them play in what they practice in; athletic shorts and tank tops? This would be similar to what is worn in soccer, rugby or field hockey, and would make sex less of the focus for the uninitiated.

I think it is true that, like roller derby, once you get past the sexy aspect you can appreciate the athleticism. The wife actually suggested that we get the game on Pay Per View last night (though she may argue that claim) and was enjoying the game. There is a lot of skill and talent, and it is the first time I have enjoyed football in a long time. I have to say, though; change the uniforms, and change the name. Get more people interested by not forcing them to prejudge, and you will do a great deal for your league, and women's professional sports in general.

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