Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lo (Travis Betz, 2009)

I had not heard of this film until The Vicar of VHS mentioned it on Twitter. It streams on Netflix, so what could I lose, right? Turns out I got much more than I bargained for.

Justin (Ward Roberts) has lost his girlfriend April (Sarah Lassez), to what he assumes to be a demon. April was a little strange, and had a strange book that she begged Justin to destroy. After her abduction, Justin open the book for the first time to the single marked page, that for summoning the demon Lo (Jeremiah Birkett).

The film is very much like a stage production. There is really only one set, as Justin must stay within his protective circle. Other demons come with Lo, and occasionally they present pictures of the past in play-form. It is interestingly done.

The acting is quite good. Lo is both scary and funny, though at times a bit too Beetlejuice. There is some nice trickery, and even parts where I knew Justin was being tricked, he was being tricked in another fashion altogether. I have included a trailer below, but do not feel it really does the film justice

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