Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Premature Book Review: The Search for WondLa (Tony DiTerlizzi, 2010)

If you have read The Spiderwick Chronicles then you know that Tony DiTerlizzi is no stranger to creating fantastic worlds. This time around he brings us a sci-fi fairy tale, sans co-author Holly Black.

I am very early into this book, but am willing to go ahead and recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy, sci-fi, or young adult literature. One thing I am enjoying, which has nothing to do with the story, is that this book breaks the "youth series" trend in publishing. The Search for WondLa is 496 pages, versus the 672 pages spread out over five books in The Spiderwick Chronicles, which were frankly one book in my opinion.

In The Search for WondLa we follow Eva Nine, a twelve year-old girl who lives alone, save for her robot guardian, MUTHR, and the sentient dwelling known as The Sanctuary. Eva has no memory of other human beings, and wants desperately to see the outside world. To her knowledge, she has never been outside The Sanctuary. Of course, the unexpected happens and she is thrust into the unknown.

I really enjoy DiTerlizzi's writing style. He makes strong female characters, a trend I am happy to see expanding, and you really get a feel for the surrounding in the books. It does not hurt that he also illustrates his books. The Search for WondLa is giving me the same visual feel as The Spiderwick Chronicles, in that when I saw the movie everything looked like it did in my head. I think he has a nice grasp on the workings of the adolescent mind, and while there are complaints about parents not understanding or feeling inadequate it is not heavy handed. These expressions are very much what children feel and can relate to. In a way, DiTerlizzi bucks the trend of the orphan hero, in that Eva does not really understand that MUTHR is not her mother, as she has known nothing else. As she begins to realize they are indeed different it still feels like the youthful rebellion all children have toward their parents.

I think this is going to be very enjoyable and believe many of you will like it as well.

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