Monday, March 7, 2011

Fan-Boy Icon #36

I was aware of comedian Marc Maron years ago, back in the days when Comedy Central (or whatever it was called then) would show a lot of stand-up comedy. I always found him to be quite funny, but as Comedy Central moved away from stand-up in favor of doing sitcoms and cartoons full of dick jokes (not that I mind those) I lost touch with many of my favorite comedians. I recently became re-aware of Maron via Twitter (Dana DeArmond, I believe) and his podcast, What the Fuck.

WTF is an interesting interview show where Maron does about an hour with comedians. They talk about comedy, but also about their life outside comedy. I think what I enjoy about it is that at times it is like sitting at a table with two people and just listening. I am that kind of person anyway. His show with Sarah Silverman, of whom he is a long time friend, was very much like having dinner with the two and being the silent third wheel (not in an uncomfortable way). Other interviews, particularly with people he does not know, or does not know well, have a similar feel, particularly the interview with Ira Glass of This American Life. Others get quite heated, whether that is Maron's personality or that of the interviewee. It is very much, in my opinion, like a less formal version of Alan King: Inside the Comedy Mind, if anyone else remembers that show.

If you are a fan comedy, or just interesting interviews, the show is well worth checking out. It is funny and smart, and I have been pouring over past episodes for days now. Check it out at

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