Friday, March 4, 2011

Nerd Girl of Note #103

Author Holly Black is probably best known for her work with Tony DiTerlizzi on The Spiderwick Chronicles, but is an accomplished and prolific writer of young adult fiction in her own right, as well as with other co-authors. Her current series is The Curse Workers, starting with White Cat. On Twitter she described the series: "The Curse Workers is a romantic mobster fantasy series that starts with White Cat. Lots of cons and capers." Curse Workers are people who make their living by illegally performing death curses, manipulating memories, and casting emotion charms. The main character, Cassel, is (for lack of a better term) a muggle who uses his wits to appear normal. I read the beginning of White Cat and enjoyed it quite a bit. Once I dig myself of the my "to read" pile I will definitely be checking it out.

My main experience with Black is through The Spiderwick Chronicles, which is the story of three siblings who move to the country with their mother after her divorce and discover that the area is full of fey creatures. They are abundant and troublesome because of their grandfather's research and his "Field Guide" which informs the human populace a bit too clearly about the feywild for the fairies' liking. It is a wonderful story, and for once I think the movie did it great justice. These are well worth checking out regardless of your age.

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