Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weird Hiatus, of Sorts

Sorry for the lack of regular posts. My work computer is acting very assy these days, and I am lousy about blogging at home. I am a morning writer, so I typically will knock things out waiting for the boss to finish breakfast and such.

Some news; I got a new phone. Very spur-of-the-moment thing. I'm not even sure anymore of what inpsired me, but I think it was a good choice. I got a Blackberry Torch so that I could have some mobile internet. After all this time watching the wife have her iPhone fun, I guess I could not take it anymore. I like the phone. It does not have everything the iPhone would have, but has some options that are good for me. For one thing, it has a mouse, of sorts. That little black square under the display is like a laptop touch-pad, and when you use the internet browser you get a standard pointer. I have fingers like Polish sausages that give me fits on the iPhone. Also, the actual keyboard, while small, gives me less of a headache.

Some of the things I am missing are the numerous apps that an iPhone can get. Since I am going to NYC this summer, I had hoped to get a subway app, like the iPhone has, but nothing free exists. There is a paid version, that I will attempt the free trial of.

As for the blogging, I do have a NGoN loaded for Friday, and am planning a return to the Fan-Boy Icons post for Monday. Hopefully I will have a WIP film to review soon... Bear with me a bit while I get my bearings back.

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