Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coach (Bud Townsend, 1978)

I am not sure what led me to watch this movie. It was likely the opportunity to see Cathy Lee Crosby naked (though that doesn't happen), but it does tie in with previous discussions of the Lingerie Football League. Here is the premise:

A high school, presumably public but with a prep school type board, has a shitty basketball team. The director's grandson is on the team. They fire the current coach and hire, sight unseen, Olympic gold medalist Randy Rawlings. Much to their chagrin, they discover Rawlings is a female (Cathy Lee Crosby), but she has a job offer and can sue. The director (Keenan Wynn) decides to make life hard for her, but the team is (eventually) impressed. She makes a deal with the director that on her first loss she will retire.

Now, that's not so bad, right? An opportunity for a female athlete to break into the male dominated world of men's basketball and overcoming the inherent difficulties is a positive story. The problem is, the exact reasons people might be scared of having an unmarried hot female in charge of a bunch of young boys is precisely what happens. Sure, they say no one will respect a team with a female coach, but what they mean is, "we don't want you boning our teenage boys." Well, guess what? She starts boning one of the teenage boys.

Unfortunately this film fails on numerous levels. It could have easily been a more positive film about a female coach, or it could have been a trashy sex comedy. It is neither. They show off Crosby's legs quite a bit, but aside from a quick flash by some of the players' girlfriends it is devoid of nudity; well, actually there are a lot of male asses for those so inclined. Here is as close as we get to Ms. Crosby's goodies:

Now, I am not saying this needed a ton of nudity, but lets face it, the film has to be one thing or the other. It is trying to be Private Lessons, but is really an after school special with a few gratuitous body parts. I chose to use the French poster, as that is an even greater indictment to what the film is selling but not delivering. Unfortunately it doesn't really sell anything. Just for laughs, here is the typical American poster which sells the films as, well, nothing, and another French poster which only lies about the content more blatantly.

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Anonymous said...

I saw this movie when it first came out. I saw it at the base theater at Camp Schwab on Okinawa Japan. Crosby was in a shower scene naked. No pussy, but boobs & buns. It must have been edited.

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