Friday, April 15, 2011

Nerd Girl of Note #109 - Julie Guthrie

Unfortunately I do not know a whole lot about Julie Guthrie, save that she is one of the most prolific and iconic miniature sculptors in the fantasy and sci-fi genres. She has worked for Grenadier, Ral Partha, Iron Wind, Reaper, Emperor's Choice, and has sculpts being resold through Mega Miniatures. I am assuming she began her career in 1983, but that could be completely wrong. Here is the blurb from Reaper Minis' Artists Page:

If you've never heard of Julie Guthrie, then you must live under a rock. Julie is a legend in the miniatures industry and a member of the Origins Hall of Fame. Her incredible body of work is an invaluable reference for aspiring sculptors and artists.

I remember Guthrie's work better than most any other sculptor, and have a ton of her miniatures.


James said...

That is one of the most awesome mini's, I've ever seen!

Darius Whiteplume said...

It is highly cool. We need more Marlith miniatures :-)

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