Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Devil Came from Akasava (Jess Franco, 1971)

Furthering my attempts to see as many Jess Franco films as I can, and spurred along by this one featuring the ethereal Soledad Miranda, I got a hold of The Devil Came from Akasava from Netflix.

AKA "Der Teufel kam aus Akasava," this is an espionage, jet-setting, crime and killer thriller. I have to tell you. I have no idea how it was resolved, or what the ultimate goal was. Whether this is because I was in the throes of post-Mexico "bowel-pocalypse" or just standard Franco wonkiness I cannot say.

This one features a lot of Franco heavies. Soledad Miranda and Ewa Strömberg get the bulk of the time, with Howard Vernon and Paul Muller rounding things out. It is an odd film. Shot in German, but the characters are all British, and they are traveling to the, I assume, fictional island of Asakava where an archaeologist discovered the Philosopher's Stone. The various factions start trying to get a hold of it, and play off each other constantly. It is a fairly solid premise, though not a terribly new one. The execution may have been the issue, or again, maybe it was my illness.

If nothing else, it is worth watching Soledad Miranda and Ewa Strömberg (in one of her more attractive roles) prance around.

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