Thursday, May 26, 2011

Helpful Twitterers: @Logitech and @BlackBerryHelp

Twitter is a toy. I love it, but it is a toy for most of us. There is a lot of effort in business to make Twitter useful. "Follow us for the latest info on crap we sell!" Well, two have been very helpful to me of late, so I thought I'd give them a shout out.

@BlackBerryHelp is a certified account run by Research in Motion, the company that makes BlackBerry devices. I have asked questions about my Torch and they were very forthcoming with answers. What really pleased me is when I asked a question that some companies might shy away from. It is fairly common knowledge to BlackBerry users that there are times when you need to do a hard shut down of the device (this is true of most anything with an operating system). To do this you generally need to pull the battery. I was interested in a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet (still am, btw) but was concerned. "What do I do if it locks up? Can I pull the battery?" I asked @BlackBerryHelp, and instead of avoiding the question they explained the process. Unlike the phones, the PlayBook has a hard power switch. Very helpful, and will certainly go into my decision when I am ready to pursue a tablet.

@Logitech responded to a question about their gamepad software. I had pre-written a review (which was posted last Tuesday), but wanted to get things rolling, so I asked them on Twitter if they had any suggestions. Unfortunately, Twitter is not always the best place to explain things in detail, and the initial answer was very textbook. Understandable. When my post published I sent it their way as further description. Not only did they read the post, but answered the question in the comments. Helpful to me, but also helpful to my readers who might have, or are thinking about, a similar device.

Please note, this is not a sponsored review of either company, but I think we all know how frustrating customer service can be. When I find companies that are helpful I want to pass that along.


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