Friday, May 27, 2011

Nerd Girl of Note #114 - Aishling Morgan

It is not always easy to find information about people, even in this age of the interwebz. Believe me, my Google-Fu is strong; bordering on stalker level. Aishling Morgan is one of those elusive characters, like recent NGoN Julie Guthrie.

Here is the basic skinny. Morgan writes erotica. We have touched on her novel Satan's Slut here. I am assuming "Aishling Morgan" is a nom de plume, but am also assuming she is actually female; not that that matters, but stylistically she is either female or a very talented male impersonating one. Why, though, are we including a writer of erotica here? All shall be revealed.

Morgan did a series of four books known as "The Maiden Series" which takes place in the fantasy setting of "The World" which is comprised of three continents; Kora, Apraya, and Cypraea. There is role playing game is based on this world, created by Morgan, that seems to have a simple dynamic. There are four Basic Attributes (experience, dexterity, intelligence, and constitution) and eight Additional attributes (power, allure, pride, craft, greed, guile, wisdom, and wealth). Conflict is resolved on an attribute versus attribute roll. The various races have primary Additional attributes and predilections. The play is totally with d6s, and rather than using hit points you use ability vs ability, temporarily lowering the score of combatants until one's reaches zero. Example; you want to bluff your way into an orgy by using your guile on the doorman. You roll against his guile. Each time you win an exchange, his guile is reduced. You continue exchanges until one of you reaches zero and wins the exchange. Characters are not typically warriors, but can be. The eight races of the game have different benefits and potential powers. I have yet to play it, but it seems interesting.

I have begun The Maiden Series, which is available on eReaders, as is the RPG. As erotica, it is pretty good, as a story it is not as good as some of Morgan's work. It is comprised of four books; Maiden, Captive, Innocent, and Princess. Maiden follows three heroes, Elethrine, Princess Talithea and Elethrine's maid, Aisla. They had the poor judgment to infuriate a young witch who summons a demon to cast them across the globe. Their adventure is in returning home while trying to maintain their virginity. They are constantly under the aggression of slavers and pirates, as well as monsters and other perils. It is a decent fantasy, which is odd for an erotic book (in my limited experience).


T. Roger Thomas said...

The cover image of Captive is captivating

Darius Whiteplume said...

That's Vanessa Upton. Shon Richards and I sarted Fuck Yeah Vanessa Upton on Tumblr. Be warned, it is delightfully tacky.

Anonymous said...

Afraid Aisling Morgan is actually one Paul Birch:

Darius Whiteplume said...

Cool. I think I may have mentioned in a prior post that "her" style seemed a tad masculine. I'll have to look back. Maybe on another blog. Thanks for that link though. I could find very little on Google.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind reviews. It's good to be appreciated.

Aishling Morgan is indeed a pseudonym, but it's a deliberately andrgynous one - although Aishling is very rare indeed as a male name - because I prefer to be judged on my merits, or lack of them, rather than my sex. I'm realy Peter Birch - Paul was the snapsandbytes interviewer - and now have over 100 novels to my name, so if you enjoy the style, happy reading!


Darius Whiteplume said...

Not a problem. I really enjoyed "Satan's Slut" as well :-)

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