Thursday, May 19, 2011

Short Movie Reviews

T.N.T. Jackson is a Blaxploitation Kung Fu movie staring Playboy Playmate Jeannie Bell. I got this one on DVD, and the transfer is not so hot. The picture is grainy, and the sound is crackly. Jeannie is no Pam Grier, but no slouch either. Sure, her Kung Fu is obviously just choreography, but that is pretty standard. Stan Shaw ("Charlie") is the stand-out bad guy with decent fight scenes and an Afro set to challenge Jim Kelly's. He's a sleazy killer, but out acts the bulk of the cast. The other stand out is Jeannie Bell's stunt double, who does some ridiculously acrobatic stuff. You can see the change at times, but the transitions are still well done. Overall it is not bad, though not terribly original.

Who's Been Sleeping in my Bed? stars Dead Martin as a soap opera doctor who can't keep his friends' wives away. He is in love with Elizabeth Montgomery, but is too involved with the married women to commit. Also stars Carol Burnette, Jill St. John, Jack Soo (Barney Miller), among others, and features a striptease by the awesome Tura Satana. Funny movie, though I admit to only paying partial attention to it. Streams on Netflix.

Hot Potato is more Kung Fu than Blaxploitation, despite Jim Kelly reprising his role (sort of) as Black Belt Jones. Kelly and his two partners team up with the unwilling Irene Tsu, who shows off some pretty believable fight scenes. She would rather not have Jones and his misfit Americans along for the ride. Their mission is to save a kidnapped American girl with an important father. Despite some occasional goofiness, it is a cool film. The characters have more going on than many Kung Fu films, and it is not wall-to-wall fighting. Kelly is typically the most interesting fighter, showing off his, as Mr. Han put it, "unorthodox style."

Warrior Queen from Masterpiece Theatre stars Alex Kingston (Doctor Who) as Boudicca. It is the story of a Celtic queen in Britain fighting off the Romans. It is a good story, and not all blood and fighting, nor is it a strenuous history lesson. At an hour and a half it is a good telling of a historical footnote. The Roman emperors portrayed are Claudius and Nero, and it plays up their insanity without going all "Jack Nicholson" on you. It does get a bit brutal at times, so likely not for the kiddies.


T. Roger Thomas said...

The Dean Martin flick sounds interesting

Thanks for sharing

Darius Whiteplume said...

I do love Dean Martin. He's got one of those weird "listen to him read the phone book" voices.

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