Thursday, May 26, 2011

Short Movie Reviews

Nude for Satan is an Italian Devil Titty movie by Luigi Batzella, who brought us the wonderful The Devil's Wedding Night. It stars Rita Calderoni (Delirium, The Reincarnation of Isabel). The story is a bit confusing, but it is a beautifully made film. The locations and cinematography are top notch, and there are some unusually good visual effects, some with a green screen, and some with scene overlapping. You should check out Reverend Phantom's live review. He compares, accurately, this film to the following year's The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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Love & Other Drugs is a romantic comedy, and is little different from any other. Jake Gyllenhaal is a late '90s slacker turned drug rep promoting Zoloft, a new (at the time) competitor for the wildly popular Prozac. He falls for Anne Hathaway, who has early onset Parkinson's Disease. It is fun, and has its laughs, but aside from seeing a ton of naked Anne Hathaway is pretty forgettable. Not saying it is not worth watching. I was interested since the wife has been in medicine for years, so I am familiar with drug reps. It is not, perhaps, the most accurate representation of them, and I believe there are some anachronisms, but what do you want from a RomCom?

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Red Siren stars Asia Argento as a detective in an unnamed part of Western Europe. She comes in contact with a young girl who says her mother is a murderer. The girl runs from the police after questioning, and is chased by her mother's hired thugs. She happens upon a mercenary who belongs to a secret, private army, and he decides to protect the girl. I wanted to like this, but just could not get heavily into it. It was not bad, but there are likely better choices out there. Argento is a secondary character, so if you want to see it for her, you might pick another film.

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Smoking Aces 2: Assassins' Ball is not what I expected. So much so that I did not finish it. Perhaps I was not in the mood? This is a talky movie, as by the 40 minute mark I was not aware of any gunfire. Maybe it is better than I gave it credit, but sometimes you just want some Gun-Kata, right? Maybe I'll give it another try, but for right now I am not recommending it.

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