Monday, June 13, 2011

Fan-Boy Icon #46 - Rachel Maddow (@maddow)

Sure, the Fan-Boy Icon is typically a male we want to highlight, but in the interest of equality (and since we have had male Nerd Girls of Note) I wanted to mention Rachel Maddow.

If you know anything about me, it might be that I don't pay attention to the news or politics. Frankly, I find the news to be cheesy  and obnoxious; not to mention depressing. Once upon a time I enjoyed Keith Olberman's show (which is off the air), but frankly I stopped watching because the bulk of the show was him going after his opposite numbers at Faux News. This is necessary, I think, but frankly he was preaching to the choir. I already know those guys are douche bags and do not need 45 minutes of reminders. Maddow's show seems less inclined in this direction. I don't watch it often (I don't pick most of the tv viewing in the house), but always find her to be funny and insightful; likely the smartest person on television. Her show is on Monday through Friday at 9PM (EST) on MSNBC, and well worth watching.

Here is a clip I enjoyed comparing the Anthony Weiner scandal to that of sitting senator David Vitter; an arch douche bag if I ever saw one. Includes an interview with super-awesome Larry Flynt.


chris said...

Keith comes back next Monday, June 20 on Current TV.

And yes, Rachel may be the smartest and certainly is the most interesting person on US TV. I wish she had one of the Sunday shows.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I did hear he was going to Current. I may have to check him out. He'll likely be given a wide berth there.

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