Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"I Steal Pets" (Rachel Bloom, 2011)

Nerd Girl of Note alum, Rachel Bloom, has a new song out on video at College Humor. You may remember "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury" from that post. The new song is a bit different.

To me, this one takes a stab at the super annoying "Friday" by Rebbecca Black, without being too obvious. A teenager with no friends, professing to have friends seems to be the truth behind Rebbecca Black's song. Maybe she is very popular, but something about your daddy paying to have you in your very own music video smacks of desperation. Bloom's song captures this idea without being an out-and-out parody of the song; considering its fifteen minutes are up, it is a smart move. Plus, you don't want to step into Weird Al territory. He'll kill you for that. :-)

The other great part is all the Auto-Tune. Bloom seems to have a decent voice, but this one is highly Auto-Tuned, partly for the aforementioned Rebbecca Black relationship, but partly to pick fun at all the stars who actually can sing who use Auto-Tune, such as Rhianna. This is all conjecture, by the way. If you listened all the way through you heard the Auto-Tune explosion of super-ridiculous pitch changes. Good stuff.


Arkhein said...

Okay, I hurt from laughing. That Auto-Tune riff at the end was hilarious. Thanks for sharing. :)

- Ark

T. Roger Thomas said...

To Do: look up pricing on sheds

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Ark - She is pretty funny.

@TRT - Hah!

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