Thursday, June 2, 2011

Short Movie Reviews

Nude per l'Assassino or Strip Nude For Your Killer is a giallo which stars Edwige Fenech, directed by Andrea Bianchi. The employees of a modeling studio are being killed off one-by-one by a motorcycle helmeted killer who likes to turn on faucets, and really needs a helmet with vents (the breathing sounds like Darth Vader). If legs and butts are your thing, then this is your film. Femi Benussi wears little more than shoes in most of her scenes, and the studio employees are appropriately horn-dog like in this Eurosleaze extravaganza. Giallo is not my favorite genre, and I did not care too much for this one. It starts strong, but begins to fall apart, in my opinion. Breaking form here, a clip with Femi Benussi as Lucia, and Nino Castelnuovo as the utterly unlikeable Carlo.

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Girl with a Pearl Earring stars Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth as a young maid and the painter Vermeer. It is a little bit dry, and not as steamy as the poster might suggest, but is a good film as period pieces go. Another "movie of the book" entry it has all the typical failings of such. There is certainly more story than time, and things get glazed over. Johansson is almost completely covered in it, so if you are looking for the hotness she typically brings to the screen, look elsewhere.

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Boarding Gate with Asia Argento and Michael Madsen is a bit difficult to wrap your head around. Argento either is or is not a prostitute, and Madsen may or may not be some sort of mercenary. The movie takes a while to get rolling, but when it does it becomes a rather fun thriller. An enjoyable bit was every time the wife and I talked to her, such as "lose the bloody jacket, lady" Asia would almost immediately do so. The biggest problem is that characters will have entire conversations in French or Chinese, and there will be no subtitles; I don't think we're missing anything important though. Now, I did not see the end yet, but am not expecting it to take a turn for the worse. Watchable and fun.

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