Thursday, June 30, 2011

Short Movie Reviews

The Spirit is a Frank Miller film based on the Wil Eisner character. Stylistically it falls somewhere between the grim black-and-white of Sin City and the semi-sepia of 300. I am no comic book expert, so I kind of liked it. The story seemed pretty solid, and they didn't bother with a ton of back story to eat up the semi-lengthy screen time (147min). It is not great, but held my interest. Scarlett Johansson is quirky and Eva Mendez is pretty awesome. Samuel L. Jackson is Samuel L. Jackson. (Watched on DVD)

Switchblade Sisters by Jack Hill (Coffy, Foxy Brown, Spider-Baby) brings us a tale of teenage rebellion, juvenile delinquency, and betrayal. The Dagger Debs are the women's auxiliary to the Silver Dagger, the toughest gang in all of Random Urban Setting. Lace is the leader, and main squeeze of the Silver Dagger's chief, Dom. When they meet Maggie they try roughing her up, but soon learn she is tough and bring her into the gang. Then things start going awry, particularly in their war with a rival gang, which I assume was the cast of Newsies. Pretty good, if this is your sort of thing. It is a favorite of Quentin Tarantino's. (Streams on Netflix)

Tamara proves that Hollywood thinks anytime you don't do a chick's hair and leave off the make-up that she is a nerd. The overly hot Jenna Dewan plays Tamara, an outcast who is in love with her teacher and got the top players kicked off the football team after exposing steroid use. Tamara has some interest in witchcraft, and after a prank goes awry... Well, you know. I was actually surprised at how good this was. It was not great, but certainly had some old-school horror/slasher sensibilities to it. Well worth watching if you want a little no-brainer horror film. I have seen far worse. (Streams on Netflix)

Voyage to the Planet of the Prehistoric Women by Peter Bogdanovich is comprised mostly of old Soviet space propaganda films pieced in with scenes of Mamie van Doren and a bevy of platinum blondes. It is kind of interesting. You have to wonder what the Soviets really thought was out there. Much of the same footage was used for Sex Galaxy, a film made in a similar fashion, but with a comedy bent. (Watched on


Unknown said...

Glad to see you didn't mind The Spirit. I think it got needlessly trashed. It wasn't spectacular by any means, but it had a great cast and it had an awesome look to it. Some cool scenes too.

Unknown said...

I probably would've rathered The Green Hornet movie be more in the style of The Spirit, just more engaging.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I have not seen GH yet. I don't get too excited about supes in movies, especially when it looks like wackiness will be the focus. I always heard bad things about The Spirit, but going into it with no preconceptions seemed to help. :-)

T. Roger Thomas said...

I'll have to watch The Spirit and Tamara now. Thank you for the reviews!

Darius Whiteplume said...

I liked both of them. Not the best, but enjoyable. "Tamara" is a bit like "Jennifer's Body" so if you liked that it should work for you.

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