Friday, July 8, 2011

Nerd Girl of Note #120 - Mamie van Doren (@mamievandoren)

There were three power-blondes in the 1950s, and only one of them is still with us: Mamie van Doren. This post will be a bit picture heavy, as not only has Mamie had a longer life than her counterparts, she is also less staid in her appearance. Her look has changed with time, and now at 80 years of age she is still modern looking, and frankly quite the hottie. You'll see below. Aside from her many films Mamie also has put out albums and appeared in Playboy twice.

My favorite film with Mamie has got to be Girls Town (my review). I saw it on Mystery Science Theater 3000, and it was a riot, but it also one of the better films featuring Mamie for more than her cheesecake value. She gets to do some good acting in it.

You can find Mamie on Twitter here, or at her official site.

Not sure what year this is, but it is recent.


Ray Rousell said...

She sure was a beauty!

Rex Venom said...

Hot and Fun!
Rock on!

T. Roger Thomas said...

The wine bottle photo makes me sad in the pants.

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