Thursday, July 21, 2011

Premature Game Review: Pocket RPG

So, I drank the Kool-Aid and got an Apple product. An iPad to be exact. Sometimes I just want the stuff thats "in." Forgive me.

While not the first game I purchased (that dubious honor goes to Adult Swim's Robot Unicorn Attack) Pocket RPG is the first I purchased on my very own iPad.

Pocket RPG is a sort of run-and-gun fantasy game. It is a little like Gauntlet, a little like Golden Axe, and likely a little like a one-player World of Warcraft. You get a choice of three characters; the Blade-Master, the Dark Ranger, and the Mage. Each have different styles of play, but go through the same set of levels, or "quests" (thus far, at least). It is a top down game with a slight skewing for 3D effects. There are weapons and equipment to find, and you are able to train skills and weapon proficiencies. You do not carry found items from quest to quest, but they give you points to spend on skills and proficiencies.

So far it is a fun little time killer. If you leave the game the application stays where it is, so it is easy to get away from and back into quickly. I have only had luck with the Blade-Master. The Dark Ranger and Mage involve too much thinking, having to run and aim. Once they get mobbed, it gets ugly fast. Most everything I have encountered is meat-wagon work, so I stick with the grunt.

Gameplay is handled through dual touch pads on the screen. One is for movement and the other for attacks. Sometimes movement gets a little awkward, but I guess that is to expected with new games. There is an inventory screen that let's you equip items you find along the way. Primarily you find weapons, amulets, and rings. Weapons have different properties, and amulets and rings typically augment attacks, or provide protection.

The one issue I did have initially was that the application would only rotate one way. My iPad cover acts as an easel, and the application was turned the wrong way. Then, suddenly, it would rotate the other way. No idea if I did something, or if it just took some time to warm up to me.

I find it to be a lot of fun. At $2.99 you could do worse, and I have gotten a fair bit of play time for that three bucks. It is available for the iPhone as well, though I cannot imagine it working on such a small screen.

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