Monday, August 15, 2011

Fearless Dawn (Steve Mannion, 2009) (@AsylumPress)

Fearless Dawn from Steve Mannion and Asylum Press is a way-out comic with the artistic view of R. Crumb and the action style that reminds this reader of Frank Thorne's post-Marvel work (Ribit [Comico, 1989] in particular). There is also a great deal of styling that reminds one of early Justice Society, Dick Tracy and perhaps Flash Gordon comics.

Fearless Dawn is an agent of The Syndicate, along with Number 7 and Agent Betty. While on a job for The Syndicate, Fearless Dawn falls into the hands of the evil Nazi Helga Von Kraus and her army of juiced up soldiers. After her rescue by Number 7 and Agent Betty they decide to take the war to Helga.

This comic ran four issues and are available at comiXology digitally (three for 99¢ and the final for $1.99). It appears the "special edition" of #1 is the same price as the standard, so check that one out in case there is additional material.

Fearless Dawn
F.D. and Number 7 attempt an escape.
This plan may have been a bad idea?
While these are rated as "mature" and readers need to be 17 to view them, aside from some language and Nazis there is nothing too offensive. It gets a little gory, but in a rather cartoon fashion. The sexiness comes primarily in the style of the pinup rather than sexual explicity. There was a follow-up series, The Bomb, which has more Fearless Dawn as well as "Jungle Chick" in more adventures.

Helga Von Krause


K and S said...

One of my favorites. Plus, Steve Mannion is really nice to boot!

Darius Whiteplume said...

I have just started The Bomb, which is also cool. I like his mixture of styles, which don't quite ape other comics, but remind you of them.

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