Thursday, September 15, 2011

It is that time of year again... (@MyLFL)

Friday night will bring us the 4th week of Lingerie Football League play with the Orlando Fantasy at the Baltimore Charm. There have been some changes to the format on MTV2 [LFL schedule] this year, four new teams added, and frankly a lot of improvement in player skill level.

If you've seen my past posts, you know that I am not much of a sports fan, but have learned to become an LFL fan, and it is not just the sexy. Not just. The LFL is a more enjoyable form of football in my mind. It is like the NFL in the 1960s. Tough people who want to be football players. The rules are more similar to arena football.

The level of play has seriously improved since last year. There were definitely some awesome players, but quite a few that did not quite fit in. This year I have not seen a single player who looks like she should be sitting down, and that includes new players for the newly formed teams.

The change in format on MTV2 is actually a welcomed one. Last year games were merely thirty minute highlight reels, which appealed to my short attention span. Now entire games are broadcast, but it is remarkably no-nonsense. None of those ten minute NFL breaks that drag a game on forever. Now you get to see more of the players in action, particularly those who are not in the glory positions.

New teams this year are the Las Vegas Sin, the Minnesota Valkyrie and Green Bay Chill in the Western Conference, and the Cleveland Crush and Toronto Triumph in the Eatern. Games are broadcast on MTV2's "Friday Night Football" at 10PM. If you DVR it, make sure to record the show after as well, as I always seem to lose the last 10 minutes of a game on the DVR.

Now, some players to look for:

Green Bay Chill #17 Angela Matthews: this 5'7" 180lb rookie known as "Big Momma" is a battering ram. Matthews plays running-back and defensive line. She reminds me of Dolphins Hall of Fame running-back Larry Csonka. Her background is in rugby.

Tampa Breeze #11 Saige Steinmetz: As far as I was concerned there was no better rookie, and few better players last year than Steinmetz. She tackles like Packers Hall of Famer Ray Nitschke. In last weeks game against Philadelphia there was a play where they had three blockers covering Saige, and she still got her hand on the running-back. Her background is in soccer.

Philadelphia Passion #6 Marirose Roach: Easily the best running-back in the LFL, but a terror on defense as well. Call me crazy, but this woman could play in the NFL. She is strong and fast, hits like a truck and runs like Barry Sanders. If you don't watch any other game, you have to watch a Passion game just to watch her play (Oct 29th). Roach also plays in a more traditional-style women's football league.

Tampa Breeze #5 Eliese Zukelman: When I asked LFL veteran Carie Small who her favorite players were this year, she responded with one name. Eliese plays cornerback, but is a fill in for most other positions, notably as a linebacker. Note for my Jewish friends, Eliese is a member of the Tribes, so root for Tampa or it's a shanda fur die goyim.


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My high school DM's wife has a sister on the Orlando LFL.

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gonna have to keep my eye on this

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