Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Chain Gang Girls (Sasuke Sasuga, 2007)

AKA Kûga no Ori: Nami dai-42 Zakkyobô

This Pinky Violence WIP effort is somewhere between an Ilsa film and a Scorpion film. There is a good deal of torture, though not of the extreme type typical in Ms Thorne's films, and there is a revenge aspect like Ms Kaji's films. Our lead character, Nami, like Scorpion is f the rather "unbreakable" variety. In matter of fact, the film's plot is extremely similar to the first Scorpion film, Joshuu 701-Gô: Sasori, 女囚701号 さそり. Sadly, "Nami" has none of Meiko Kaji's charm in this role. She can certainly take a beating, but whether by her own skill or her direction she is rather unimpressive. More impressive is the HBIC (possibly Yuko Kosaka), who is very much what the role demands.

There are a few interesting twists on the standard WIP formula. Nami is thrown into a multi-prisoner cell occupied by a gang of sorts. They decide she needs some softening up before becoming part of their gang, and all but the HBIC go after her. Nami, however, can both take it and dish it out. Later, the gang's number-two wants to fight her one-on-one, but is unable to best Nami and resorts to a weapon. The HBIC does not like this, declaring "no weapons in a one-on-one fight. You lose." She goes so far as to make her number-two suffer the punishment brought on by the guards afterwards. She even allows Nami to be a "lone wolf" as long as she does not interfere with the gang. Another slight variation is in this film's version of the "hot box." They have a sealed room that allows no light in, and public address horns that blare high pitched noise. Nami is held there for three days, and is a complete wreck when she returns to her cell. Her treatment by the guards, and the respect she earns for not being a wimp, leads her cellmates to plot her escape.

This is by no means a great WIP film. It was shot on video. The sets are cheap. The costumes are not very imaginative. There is little of the more aggressive approach typical of these films. There are some interesting aspects, to be sure. WIP genre fans may enjoy it, if only for the diversions from formula. It seems a bit tame for Pinky Violence, and is not overly sexual. There are worse films, but I would not go out of my way to see this one.


Lisa K. said...

Oh, just the right thing to fill the black hole that is on TV during Christmas. Thanks!

T. Roger Thomas said...

Sounds like I'll pass as well

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