Monday, August 19, 2013

Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor (2002, Jim Markovic)

Remember last week when I mentioned that Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland was the weakest of the films? Well, that was before I saw Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor.

If you have seen none of the previous films, #4 is the "greatest hits" of sorts... It is basically a "survivor" of, apparently, all three previous films telling the story of what happened before. This survivor is "Allison" (Carrie Chambers, The Bikini Carwash Company II), and somehow she knows everything about what happened before... Even events where Angela, the killer from the previous films, was either the only person present or the only one who lived to tell the tale. The story of the film is that there was an attempt to make a fourth film, but the production company went under, then someone cobbled the shot scenes (primarily Chambers sitting around in a bikini) with the plot-points and murders from the previous three films.

Is there an actual plot to #4? Yes... No... Well, yes.

"Allison Kramer" is a psychiatric patient who's identity is unknown (yet, the name Allison Kramer is). The doctor handling her case thinks that she survived the various camp massacres, and should revisit the campsite with a park ranger to try and remember what went on... She has amnesia, you see. That old chestnut. So, she sits on a pier in a bikini for a while, as we watch the previous movies. Then, with ten to fifteen minutes remaining, she decides she needs to leave, but the park ranger is missing. When she finds him, he comes on to her. She runs away, and he follows. She comes upon a hunter and explains her predicament. She finds the park ranger, and somehow has a gun. She (perhaps) kills the park ranger, and then finds the hunter and (perhaps) kills him as well...

Seriously, this one is hardly worth watching, but as is typical of my nature, I will try to find some good...

For one thing, it does try to tie some themes together from the other films. Things viewers might have missed, connection-wise. For another thing... Well, there is no real other thing. They play the "this isn't Angela" game through the whole film, then try sneaking a twist in at the end. She does indeed kill the park ranger, and displays his head in the cabin from #2 where she kept all her trophies. Is she Angela, or is she struck with the same madness? Meh, she's Angela.

Bored fan of Sleepaway Camp with access to this one? Sure, watch it. Want the gist of the other films without actually watching them? No... This ain't for you. It is not really the Cliffs Notes, except that you won't understand the other films afterwards any better than if you just read the Cliffs Notes for a book.

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