Thursday, October 10, 2013

Premature Book Review: Doom Vagina (Shon Richards, 2013)

Friend of the blog, Shon Richards, has a new Heavy Metal, supernatural themed book out, Doom Vagina. It is the story of an unnamed fan of the titular band, an all female metal band, who falls into their thus-far nefarious clutches.

The story starts with our protagonist, sick of his job and girlfriend, going to see his favorite band, Doom Vagina. During the show he is approached by the band's manager, who decides he will pass as a slave for the band; just barely. He then goes through a series of trials (read "abuses") which he suffers in hopes of a dream reward.

Personally, I have a weird relationship with BDSM erotica, namely that it is often not erotic, or the story telling is often poor. I am a disciple of Sade's work, but it is rarely erotic. Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty books are erotic, but she makes a grand plan for the coming abuse and never addresses it again. Story of O is certainly the best of the genre, in my limited experience. Doom Vagina is similar, in that it is able to be erotic without being an artificial BDSM offering. Our hero is rarely rewarded with sex, and when he is, it is still as much of a trial as any of the other tasks. He is also not so much of a worm that he relishes it all.

All this is coupled with a supernatural element that at the 50% mark is still only hinted at. Are we going to see actual supernatural power, or is this the typical play of a group of metal heads with borderline personalities? Something is happening to our hero, but its true nature is not displayed..

I fully admit to being prejudiced here. Shon is a long time friend of my alter ego, and we have died in dungeons more than once. I will tell you that I do not like reviewing works I do not like, particularly those of friends. It is hard enough to give a mediocre, or worse, disparaging review of a stranger's work. If I don't enjoy something, I typically avoid reviews altogether. Unless I seriously hate something, then the gloves might come off. I have no qualms in recommending this one, particularly if you are interested-in/fan-of the genre. I blew through half the book in no time, which for my limited attention span is a feat.

You can get Doom Vagina at Amazon, $2.99 for Kindle at the moment, here.  You can see Shon's other titles on Amazon as well, here.

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