W.I.P. Wednesday Index

Despite the rigid formula of this genre, there is such variety in the Women in Prison genre, be it style or substance. Most are modern(ish) prison tales, but they can be ancient lands, future space, or even in a convent.
  1. Women Behind Bars (Lina Romay)
  2. Ilsa: The Wicked Warden (Dyanne Thorne, Lina Romay)
  3. Reform School Girls (Wendy O Williams, Sybil Danning)
  4. Savage Island (Linda Blair)
  5. Girls Town (Mamie van Doren)
  6. Chained Heat (Linda Blair, Sybil Danning, Stella Stevens, Tamara Dobson)
  7. Caged Heat (Erica Gavin, Barbara Steele, Juanita Brown)
  8. Black Mama, White Mama (Pam Grier, Margaret Markov)
  9. Telephone (Lady Gaga, Beyoncé Knowles)
  10. Caged Fury (Kascha)
  11. Star Slammer aka Prison Ship (Sandy Brooke, Marya Grant, Dawn Wildsmith, Susan Stokey)
  12. Island of Despair aka 99 Women (Maria Rohm, Rosalba Neri) 
  13. Stuck! (Starina Johnson, Pleasant Gehman)
  14. Girl Slaves of Morgana le Fay
  15. Oz (special "Men in Prison" edition)
  16. The Concrete Jungle (Jill St. John)
  17. Prison A-Go-Go! (Rhonda Shear)
  18. Female Prisoner #710: Scorpion
  19. Condemned
  20. Escape from Hell
  21. Behind Convent Walls (nunsploitation)
  22. The Match Factory Girl
  23. Werewolf in a Women's Prison (plus NGoN entry)
  24. Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory
  25. Sacred Flesh (nunsploitation) 
  26. Bare Behind Bars
  27. Thriller: A Cruel Picture (Christina Lindberg)
  28. Prisoner (Australian television)
  29. Chained Heat II (Brigitte Nielsen)
  30. Femme Fatales "Behind Locked Doors"
  31. Red Heat
  32. St. Trinian's School for Bad Girls
  33. Jungle Warriors
  34. Bad Girls
  35. Sugar Boxx
  36. Female Prisoner #701 Scorpion: Beast Stable
  37. Female Prisoner #701 Scorpion: Grudge Song
  38. Women in Chains
  39. The Muthers
  40. Chain Gang Girls