Sunday, September 14, 2008

Archaic Game Material of the Week

The Isle of Dread
D&D Expert Rules
Module X1
Character levels 3-7
Published in 1981

The Isle of Dread is a D&D classic, though I must admit that while I own two copies of it, I have never played. Has anyone really played this module? By the time I had it, I was playing AD&D, not Basic or Expert. Sure the basics were easy enough to convert. Monsters were pretty much monsters... Classes could be fudged easily. Maybe I just got it for the sexy chick killing the sea serpent on the back?

Maybe The Isle of Dread is worthy of a 4e retooling? They did bring the Rakshasa back in 4e, and they are pretty much an evil version of the Rakasta... Who knows, maybe I'll get interested enough to do the conversion?


M.B. said...

I've played it, and have fond memories to boot! The module, unlike any other for Classic D&D, has a very pulpy, sword-and-sorcery feel to it. There are lost civilizations, dinosaurs, dense jungles, ancient's got it all.

Drizzt said...

i READ it... must say that i have read far more adventures than i've played. i agree with bruno. i think i'd be fun to play, and perhaps more fun post-conversion. if you DO convert it (to either 3.5 or 4.0), let me know. heck, i'd even throw a couple bucks at you.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I think 4e's MM has some dinosaurs, plus they have archtype monsters to include humans... Maybe they have some version of tribal islanders.

I hope I have a complete module. I have two of them, and they seem identical... Maybe an HTML conversion might work for both 3.x and 4e... It would be a lot of JavaScript (I'm on GeoCities... No PHP/MySQL). OGL over multiple d20 versions. Could the world handle such madness?!?

Darius Whiteplume said...

BTW, Hello Drizzt, did not recognize the name from HoM. GObama!

Robo said...

I played it twice. It was the last non-AD&D adventure my DM ran before we transitioned to AD&D. Then, I played again in college. That DM had re-tooled it heavily with DUNGEON magazine bits and, I think, some stuff from Isle of the Ape. I was playing a Drizzt clone with a Hellcat for a pet instead of that Guenwhyywhatchmacallit.

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