Monday, September 29, 2008

Do I Like This, or HATE This?

I came across Millionaires on a freind's FaceBook (weird, a real life friend on FB).

They are kind of a techno-pop version of The Donnas – older Donnas' stuff like Get Skintight. It feels like listening to a musical version of The Hills... Bitchy pop princesses rapping about sex, drugs, and money. It is however well done pop music. The subject matter and language will prevent them from ever getting on mainstream radio, which might be part of the draw. Check them out at MySpace. Use headphones if sensetive ears are in the vicinity. Millionaires at MySpace. If I used iTunes, I might just get the EP, since it is just $4.95. I have gotten bored with lots of things I have bought before :-)


M.B. said...

I dunno about this one. My initial reaction is that they should stay buried in the bowels of Myspace, but perhaps it's just a gut reaction. The EP is cheap enough, so maybe I'll buy it and listen to the whole thing before passing judgement.

They are hot, though :)

Darius Whiteplume said...

I went ahead and bought it (off Amazon, BTW). I listened to it this morning on the way to work, and am still torn. Either this is a Zappa-esque parody of the music industry and popular culture (there is a definite Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan vibe), or this is the real thing – a band of chicks espousing the ideal of ghetto fabulous. Either way, maybe it is the bell tolling? Maybe bling lifestyle has come to a head?

The music is not bad. Either these girls have some talent, or someone smart is behind them. Because of the specificity of their parody (if that is what it is) they won't have the longevity of The Donnas, who got away from their dirty teenage girl schtick, and jump genres slightly on every album.

Being a male feminist, I always approve of women who dare to be as foul as men. ;-)

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