Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Embarrassing Confession...

OK. The wife and I do a thing when we catch each other acting especially nerdy, but are perhaps unaware. I think it started after watching Austin Powers. The witness (usually her) will announce to the offender (usually me) "Nerd Alert!"

I was in Barnes & Noble one night, and while approaching the D&D section let let out a quiet, but apparently audible "Nerd Alert!" Just as the words left my mouth, of course, a high school aged kid came around the corner aimed at the D&D books. Heard, apparently, my proclamation and spun on his heel to escape his perceived tormentor.

If you are out there my young friend, I apologize. I am with you. I, a normally unashamed nerd, occasionally find myself sneaking over to the D&D section like it was the porno room at a video store. Feeling the eyes of the norms upon me from all directions. Pretending to look at something close by, but dammit! It's the Star Trek novels! That's no help at all!

So next time you hear "Nerd Alert" remember, it just might be a nerd saying it by accident. Take a quick look, but don't make eye contact. Jock see that as a threat! :-)

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Unknown said...

Every time my wife and I hit the local Barnes & Noble she automatically tells me she'll meet me in "Nerd Section," knowing full well where I'm headed.

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