Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Master Chu, AD&D 1st Edition House-rules Monk

Here is a post inspired by YoyoRobbo at Back in '81. You have to love a page with the note, when Magic Missiles never missed...and Elf was a "class"

Anyway. Master Chu.

Our DM had several house-rules monks. As some of you remember, 1st edition monks were... well, terrible. One of the house-rule, let's say class paths, was the blind monk.

Master Chu could not see, but had a fairly batlike sense of his surroundings. Not like radar, but he could get through the woods without a problem. He could not hit well, but could block very well. He had a death blow, and could snatch arrows. His blocking and arrow snatching were so good, that at the end of the night before packing up, the ranger in the party would shoot at me for sport, his friends promising a reward if he got a hit. Sounds cruel, but the monk played along. As his levels increased, he could go for days without food or sleep. Last, he could go to negative constitution score without dying, and in some cases still acting (-12 IIRC, this at a higher level).

Because defense was his primary skillset, once around 6th level, the party was wiped out, except for Master Chu. The other players rolled up new characters. I, with my DM's approval and collusion, faked rolling a new character, and instead ran Master Chu disguised as a thief (rogue for you youngins :-). He traveled with the party, pretending to get hurt, feigning trouble fighting kobolds. In the wilds, he would not sleep, keeping an eye on the young fighters who tended to fall asleep on guard duty.

Finally, our DM threw something that was a bit much for us (them). The party was roughly 3rd level, and I was maybe 8th. As the rest of the party started falling victim to our foe, Master Chu threw off the cloak he used as a diguise, and with a, I imagine, Bruce Lee like yell, lept upon the boss... dropping him instantly with a rare hit from my death blow. The leader of the party almost screamed, "Master Chu!"

Ah, the good old days!

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