Friday, September 26, 2008

Nerd Girl of Note #3

Who is it? Lisa Edelstein
Why do nerds love her? She plays the hot Dr. Lisa Cuddy on House: MD and is the voice of Mercy Graves on Superman and The Justice League
Nerd, or just loved by nerds? I am going to say she's too cool to be a nerd, but I think she likely has nerd tendencies.
Websites: IMDb

There are many reasons to watch House: MD, not the least of which is the tight skirted Dr. Lisa Cuddy. Cuddy is House's antagonist, of sorts. In the "House is Holmes" way of looking at things, she would likely be Scotland Yard. She's clever and makes some great jokes at his expense and is the butt of House's more lascivious jokes. Consider this exchange:

  • House: "Give me a break. You hired me-"
  • Cuddy: "-because you're a good doctor who couldn't get himself hired at a blood bank, so I got you cheap."
  • House: "You gave me everything I asked for because one night I gave you everything you asked for-"

At 18, Edelstein moved to New York City to study theatre at the Tisch School of the Fine Arts. She became involved in the club scene where she gained notoriety, including a mention in Newsweek. She parleyed this into funding for a musical, Positive Me about the growing AIDS epidemic, as well as a spot on MTV briefly hosting Awake on the Wild Side. She did a string of guest appearances on numerous popular television shows, eventually leading to the role on House: MD.

Edelstein is a vegetarian and volunteers for the Best Friends Animal Society.

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