Tuesday, September 23, 2008

RuneScape... Hmm...

So, I am 112 level or so and got killed by a goblin last night. Of course the reason I am 112 level is because I am a 29th level woodchopper and such crap. Only 6th level wizard, 5th level fighter, 2nd level defense... You get the picture.

On one hand, it is probably good that I don't have a thousand hitpoints because I am a good lumberjack, but then again I wouldn't IRL tangle with a 29th level lumberjack ;-)

Here are some things I don't like aboutr RuneScape:

  1. You can buy things you are not allowed to use, like good armor.
  2. You can't refuse jobs. You can get work from someone else, but if an NPC offers a job, you have to take it.
  3. No classes, but then see later.
  4. I can't find a wizard's hat!
  5. It is addictive.

Well, what do I like?

  1. It is free (you get what you pay for).
  2. It can be clever. I got thrown into the Frog Princess (see Gift Giver's section here).
  3. You can develop your character however you like. Since there are no classes, no penalty for being "multi-classed."
  4. It is addictive.

So, I will keep playing. My character is "Whiteplume" — so any players out there, send me a message if you want. I typically have a lot of gold and like mining and chopping :-)

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