Thursday, September 18, 2008


So, after reading a post from Mark at Signal vs. Noise, I decided to give RuneScape a try.

For the most part, it is fun and free. A good time waster. I am getting the hang of it, except for the fighting part!

Died once. Lost most of my chilly fresh gear a player got for me. So, right now I am making money chopping wood! 600gp for 20 or so logs.

I'd like it if you had a class. I never liked multiclassing in D&D, and in RuneScape, you are all classes, you just are better at what you choose to improve in. If you see a "Whiteplume" character running around, don't kill me. Unless you think I am a dick, then feel free ;-)

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Unknown said...

I haven't played Runescape in a while, but perhaps I'll give it a go this weekend. Maybe this could be your gateway into the wider world that is Wow? :)

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